DCAF Supports DCA Members:

  • DCAF brochures for your puppy packs – free of charge!

Request yours here:Puppy Packet Brochure

To Do Checklist for Breeders :

Before the litter is whelped:
• Nominate your litter for the DCA futurity
• Create your DCA breeder upcoming litter ad for the DCA website

After the litter is whelped:
• Update your DCA breeder upcoming litter ad for the DCA website
• Apply for your AKC litter number https://www.akc.org/register/litter/
• Microchip your puppies and register the microchips at https://akcreunite.com,
https://www.purinaproclub.com/, https://www.ofa.org/pdf/deafapp_bw.pdf
and https://dalmatianclubofamerica.org/futurity-on-line-form-puppy/
• Prepare your contracts https://www.thedca.org/MemberEducation.html
• Request DCAF brochures for the puppy packs
• If you are a Purina Pro Club Member: Request puppy packs https://www.purinaproclub.com/
• Set up your hearing test and DNA blood draw
• Identify each puppy with their AKC number
• Download & fill out the forms for OFA hearing https://www.ofa.org/pdf/deafapp_bw.pdf
Mark the form with DCAF will pay for the registration
Download and fill out the forms for DNA blood draw

Submitting DNA On A Litter


Mark the form with “DCAF will pay for the registration”
• All OFA forms and samples can be sent in the same box.
• Send in the forms and blood samples to OFA: Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, 2300 E Nifong Boulevard, Columbia, Missouri, 65201-3806
• While you are filling out the DNA health forms for the litter, do an update on the Dam of the litter and any other Dalmatians in the house.
• Nominate your individual puppies for Futurity before they are 4 months old.