The Dalmatian Club of America Foundation has established the Betty Garvin Memorial Speaker Fund through the generosity of Betty’s many friends and her family. The fund will underwrite an honorary stipend for a prominent speaker at the annual Specialty Show of the DCA.

The goal is to attract renowned and relevant speakers to provide a valuable educational and entertaining opportunity to those who attend the National. The yearly honoree will be selected by a small committee of members of the Boards of Directors of the Dalmatian Club of America and the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation.

Betty Garvin was a long-time friend of the Dalmatian breed. She served on the Board of Directors and as Secretary of the Dalmatian Club of America, and she was one of the first female delegates to the American Kennel Club where she served for many years. She attended 40 consecutive DCA Specialties, and her family's Korcula Kennels, Reg. produced some of the top winners and producers in the breed.

2021 DCA National Speaker

The speaker for this year’s Betty Garvin Memorial Seminar Series at the DCA National is Bill Shelton, speaking on “Preservation of Purposely Bred Dogs.” Bill is known for this famous Coventry Pembroke Welsh Corgis and was AKC’s Herding Breeder of the Year in 2018. You just saw him on TV judging the Herding group at Westminster.

His talk will be given on Friday, June 25, at 7 PM at the National Equestrian Center, Main Lobby.

See everyone there!

Charlie Garvin
DCA’s AKC Delegate

This tradition honoring Betty Garvin, has continued each year at the National Specialty:

    2007 ~ Danika Bannasch DVM PhD, Suzy Hughes DVM, & Mary-Lynn Jensen PhD: "A Seminar On Dalmatian Urate Stones"

    2008 ~ Keith Murphy PhD: "A Tale of Canine Genetics: A Dog's Life is Getting Better All the Time"

    2009~ Eddie Dziuk: "CHIC, OFA, Dalmatians and Health Testing."

    2010 ~ Terry Warren, CEO: AKC Canine Health Foundation

    2011 ~ Tim Robbins: "Following The Dalmatian Standard Around the World: 1905 - 2011"
    Click here for presentation and handouts on the DCA Members Education page.

    2012 ~ Kirk Esmond, DVM: "I Want Puppies"

    2013 ~ 2013 Melinda Fleming, DVM

    2014 ~ David Waters, DVM PhD: "Whole Organism Thinking: The Challenge of Successful Aging and Cancer Avoidance in a U-Shaped World"

    2015 ~ Robert Hutchison, DVM

    2016 ~ Michael Halpern, PhD

    2017 ~ Jason Gagne, DVM: "Nutritional Management of Canine Epilepsy and Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome."

    2018 ~ Dr David Twedt: Copper Storage Disease in the Dalmatian

    2019 - Jessica Hokamp, DVM, PhD, from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary medicine: Kidney Diseases in Dalmatians

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Supporting Documentation from the Seminars

DCA 2018: Copper Storage Disease Presentation (Slide PDF) by Dr Twedt – DCA National Specialty, May 2018

DCA 2014: “Whole Organism Thinking: The Challenge of Successful Aging and Cancer Avoidance in a U-Shaped World” ~ David Waters, DVM PhD

    David Waters, DVM PhD. was the featured speaker at the 2014 National Specialty’s Betty Garvin Seminar with a
    talk titled: “Whole Organism Thinking: The Challenge of Successful Aging and Cancer Avoidance in a U-Shaped World.”
    Dr. Waters is well known for his studies on canine longevity, and the
    Old Grey Muzzle Tour.
    He research has revolutionized thinking about the long-term effects of
    spaying. A Healthier Respect For Ovaries

    Read Dr. Waters recent commentary on aging research in dogs titled “Longevity in Dogs: Understanding What’s
    Missing”, which was published in a leading European veterinary journal. See why life course perspective (LCP) and
    whole organism thinking (WOT) provide fresh insights into uncovering the secrets of highly successful aging.

    Lovgevity in Pet Dogs: “Understanding What’s Missing”

DCA 2011: “Following the Dalmatian Standard Around the World: 1905-2011” ~ Tim Robbins