2021 Trivia Night Silent Auction

Don't miss your chance to own one or more of the 101 art and collectible items offered in this year's annual Dalmatian Club of America Foundation (DCAF) Fundraiser thanks to the generosity of Cheryl Bryant & Steve Whittlesey, John & Jennifer Cramer, Marilyn Dromgoole, Bob Ekle, Linda Halstead, Forrest Johnson - Dalmatians of Croatia, Cathi Lipscomb, Lisa Maloney, Robin Mendez, Paula Olcott, Pat Sayles, and the estates of Susan Brooksbank, Peter Capell, and Ellie Lipschutz! All proceeds support DCAF's mission of Advancing the health and quality of life for Dalmatians and all dogs through supported research and education. To bid remotely, place your bid in the comment section below each item in the album on the DCAF Facebook page. You MUST make your bid on the original post located on the DCAF page to be considered. If you have not already "liked" the DCAF page you will need to do so in order to complete your bid. No bids placed on shared posts will be considered eligible. Online (remote) bids will be accepted until midnight CST June 18. You may continue to raise your remote bid until that time. During the live auction on June 23, the highest online bid will be listed with each item on display at the DCAF Trivia Night event, and those in attendance will have the opportunity to raise the bid. However, to win, in-person bidders must increase the remote bid by at least $10 or 10% - whichever is greater. Therefore, if you are not attending, be aggressive in your bids for the items you really want! If your remote bid wins (thirty minutes following the conclusion of the trivia competition), your item can be shipped directly to you at your expense. PayPal payments will be accepted for online winning bids. Every attempt is made to disclose and represent the listed auction item’s source, authenticity and/or condition as known but are not guaranteed. All sales are final. Please bid accordingly. DCAF is a 501(c)3 organization.