President’s Report – Fall 2019

Toni Linstedt, Dalmatian Club of America Foundation President

Dalmatian Club of America Foundation
Advancing the health and quality of life for Dalmatians and all
dogs through supported research and education.

OFA DNA Database News
Throughout this year, DCAF has been working to increase awareness of the importance of including Dalmatians in the OFA DNA Database and updating health histories of dogs already in it. The database is available to researchers worldwide, and represents an invaluable tool to understanding the genetics of diseases and disorders.

Submitting Samples: Instructions for submission are on the OFA website: DCAF will pick up the shipping costs and the OFA submission fees for FULL LITTER submissions and for dogs affected by conditions of interest such as Copper Storage Disease, Renal Failure and/or Glaucoma. If your submission falls into anyof these categories, please contact Ginger Iwaoka for shipping information.

New Incentive for Full Litter Submissions: During our last board meeting we approved a pilot program to encourage breeders to complete the DNA blood draws for their entire litters during one of their vet visits for the puppies. Effective immediately, DCAF will offer DCA member breeders an incentive of $5 per puppy submitted as part of a full litter! Many veterinarians will waive any blood draw fees when they know why you are doing it and make it part of a routine office visit for the puppies. DCAF picks up the shipping costs and OFA fees and offers you a financial incentive to participate in this important program!

Update Those Health Histories! Many of us have been diligent about getting our dogs’ DNA samples into the database, but if the health history is not updated to include diagnoses that occur later in life, researchers will not find the samples to include in the study, so please, refer to the ad in this Spotter for simple instructions to confidentially email any updates for your dogs to CHF.

Research Study Updates:
Copper Storage: There is a new progress report included in this issue. The project is expected to conclude by the end of February 2020.

Renal Failure: This project has been extended to the end of April 2020 in the hopes of including more dogs and tissue samples in the study. Please welcome Wendy Carver-Herbert to the Renal Failure study group and thank her for assuming the chair role for this committee.

Deafness Study: Dr. Claire Wade’s extension of her study is expected to conclude at the end of this year.

Funding News
Heritage Society: We welcome to Heritage Society and thank Anna Wisniewska and Connie Brown for including DCAF in their estate plans! If you are interested in joining the growing list of Dalmatian enthusiasts dedicated to the long-term preservation of the health of our breed, please contact Carol O’Brien.

Carroll County Update: Reimbursements for Carroll County rescue and other rescues year to date total $14,633.07 leaving a balance of $6,575.84 in funds from the fundraiser restricted for rescue reimbursement. Two of the rescued Dalmatians remain in the care of the rescue organizations, and we expect more expenses related to those.

Annual Drive: Our annual drive will kick off in November. Please watch your mail box and remember DCAF as generously as you are able during this annual time of giving.

Decorated Dals II: Watch the FaceBook page for the launch of the Decorated Dals II silent auction! We have about 50 artists this time and the creativity in the works is incredible. You will not want to miss your chance to own one of these beautiful and unique pieces!

Puppy Pack Brochures: Don’t forget to order your free DCAF brochures to include in your puppy packs for new owners!

As always, DCAF thanks you for your generosity – whether you make an outright donation, create a FaceBook Birthday Fundraiser, remember to shop through, donate items for auction or participate in our health and research studies and programs! You are helping us make a difference for the longevity of the breed we love!

Toni L.Linstedt
Toni Linstedt, DCAF President
Dalmatian Club of America Foundation