President’s Report – Summer 2019

Toni Linstedt, Dalmatian Club of America Foundation President

Dalmatian Club of America Foundation
Advancing the health and quality of life for Dalmatians and all
dogs through supported research and education.

Updates on Current Studies: All of our recently funded research studies have progress updates included in this issue. Both deafness studies have concluded. The Canine Health Foundation (CHF) was intrigued enough by Dr. Claire Wade’s progress, that they have agreed to fund follow-up research on our behalf with her.

The renal study was projected to be complete by now. However, the researchers have agreed to a no cost extension in the hopes that more affected dogs are brought to the study. Those who attended the Betty Garvin Seminar during Nationals learned a great deal about the nature of this research and what is needed to find answers.
Thanks to Michele Wrath who recorded the seminar on FaceBook.
You may view it on the DCA FaceBook page. A few key points from my notes include: Blood and urine are very helpful, but actual kidney tissue is necessary for a specific diagnosis. So far, the study has only 22 tissue samples. From those, five different kidney diseases have been found, with no clear pattern of inheritance yet established. If you have, or know of, a Dalmatian suffering from renal failure, please put them in this completely confidential study.
Even if you are only able to send the kidneys post mortem, it will be extremely useful to the effort to understand the nature of renal failure in our breed.

There is not much specific to report on the final study – Copper Toxicity – except that participation in the study has been very good and CHF is very pleased with the progress this research team is making. Thank you to all who have participated!

When We Work Together Great Things Happen: Most of you are probably aware of the horrific case of abuse and neglect involving 54 dogs, most of which were Dalmatians, in Carroll County, MD. We started a DCAF FaceBook fundraiser for the surviving 20 Dalmatians and within 48 hours raised nearly $20,000! 385 individuals donated, and more than half are not DCA members.

So far, we have sent $13,000 to the Humane Society of Carroll County to reimburse them for 100% of their costs incurred for all 27 surviving dogs. Five of the Dalmatians went to the care of Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue and Dalmatian Rescue of Southwest Virginia. We will reimburse both those organizations for 100% of their costs associated with rehabilitation and placement of these dogs. This was truly an awful situation, but it did bring the pet population, the rescue organizations, the shelters and the parent club together in a way probably not much else would have. Kudos to everyone who donated and especially to those intimately involved with the rescue.

DCAF Fundraisers at DCA 2019: Chairs for Charity, the Dog Pacer raffle, a fabulous collection of raffle baskets and the DCAF Thrift store combined to generate about $12,000 for DCAF at DCA 2019! Thank you to everyone who contributed and especially to Pam Peterson-Joyce, Ann Ball, Gale Passman, Tracie Tepke and Pam Groher for their energetic and effective running of the raffle table and their donations of most of the raffled items! And congratulations to all the winners of the great stuff raffled off! We
will be directing 15% of the net to the DCAF Endowment Fund.
Speaking of the Endowment Fund: There is a touching story in this issue about Loretta Tomlin, a former DCA member who generously included DCAF in her estate plan in honor of her beloved Dalmatian, Cheyenne. The Endowment realized the bequest this spring, and it provided a very nice jump toward our minimum target of $500,000. The idea is to build the fund to a large enough amount that investment income from it can fund much of our research, education and rescue efforts. Please consider including DCAF in your estate plan as well. We, so far, have 17 members of our Heritage Society. Thank you to everyone who has already made the
commitment. If you would like more information, please contact Carol O’Brien.

James W Smith Memorial Health Clinics: Many thanks to Kelly Flannigan and her team of volunteers who made the health clinics at DCA 2019 a huge success with approximately 100 dogs participating! 70 DNA draws, 48 eye exams and 40 thyroid tests were completed.

Please Help Us Spread The Word: At last, a breeder has requested DCAF brochures to include in her new puppy packs for new owners! Thank you, Patti Pella! Please request these through the DCAF website shop. They are free to you and a great way to introduce your puppy buyers to DCAF and the good work we do for our Dalmatians.

They’re Back! As you probably know by now, the DCAF fundraiser that will conclude in silent auction following the Top Twenty event at DCA 2020 in Asheville will be Decorated Dals II! So far we have 47 confirmed artists and they are bursting with creative ideas! I want to thank Kathy Duran for finding the mold and supplier for the figurines and Ginger and Mark Iwaoka and Kevin West and Kevin O’Connell for generously underwriting the costs of the figurines. When we announced, we said we would only
do 40 max. Ginger and Mark immediately stepped up to the plate. When we decided to add more due to the artist demand, Kevin and Kevin hit clean up! Thanks to all, this is going to be a lot of fun! Stay tuned to the DCAF FaceBook page for photos and details about remote bidding.

As always, DCAF thanks our many generous supporters for all you do to help us help our breed!

Toni L.Linstedt
Toni Linstedt, DCAF President
Dalmatian Club of America Foundation