President’s Report – Spring 2019

Toni Linstedt, Dalmatian Club of America Foundation President

Health Testing
Since the last issue, OFA has updated their reports through the end of 2018. I am happy to report that during the full year, 108 Dalmatians received their CHIC numbers, bringing the total number of CHIC Dalmatians to 1,286. Congratulations and thank you to each owner who invested in our breed’s health by completing the required health tests to receive a CHIC number for your dog(s)!

For those of you attending DCA 2019, be sure to take advantage of the excellent cost savings offered for Thyroid and CERF tests during the James W. Smith Memorial Health Clinics on Tuesday, May 14. While you are there, you can also have your dog’s blood drawn for the CHIC DNA Database and/or update the health histories for your dogs already in the database. There is no cost to you for this. Through the end of 2018, we have 1,436 Dalmatians represented in the database available to researchers worldwide.

Finally on the statistics front, through 2018, there were 10,827 Dalmatians represented in the OFA database with at least one health test. We are doing well, but we can do better!

For those of you breeding, please submit your full litter BAER results and have your full litter’s blood drawn for the DNA database. DCAF will pay the OFA fees for both when the full litter is submitted. Most vets will do the blood draw for no charge if they know why you are having it done.

Research Progress
In this issue, you will find a progress report from the research scientists working on Kidney Disease in Dalmatians. We are excited that one of the researchers involved in this study, Dr. Jessica Hokamp, will be the speaker at this year’s Betty Garvin Memorial Lecture on Tuesday evening during DCA 2019.

In the next issue, we will publish the final report from the Claire Wade study on deafness, and we will talk about that during the annual meeting at DCA 2019. We should also soon receive a final report from Dr. Strain regarding his deafness study.

Thanks to those of you who have established Facebook Fundraisers in support of DCAF! As of March 1, more than $1,600 was donated through these Fundraisers so far this year!
We are pleased to let you know that we are set up properly with Facebook now so that we can get reports about donors through these fundraisers and will be able to count your donations made there toward your lifetime giving levels.

Already this year, we have two new Heritage Society members who have made DCAF a part of their estate plans ensuring support for our breed for many years into the future.

Finally, if you have not already purchased your Chairs for Charity and/or DogPacer tickets, there is still time until we actually do the drawings at DCA 2019 – Welcome Party for the chairs and Top Twenty for the DogPacer. Don’t miss out on the awesome raffle baskets that will benefit DCAF and stop by the DCAF Thrift Store “booth” for more treasures!

Welcome and Thank You
Please join me in welcoming Deby Harber to the DCAF board and her new role as Corresponding Secretary. And please join me in thanking Kevin O’Connell for his service in that role in 2018 and John Benoit for his years of service on the board.

Thank you to all of you who continue to support the health and well being of our Dalmatians!

Toni L.Linstedt
Toni Linstedt, DCAF President
Dalmatian Club of America Foundation