2020 DCA National Fundraiser

Decorated Dalmatians II

We are excited to let you know that, thanks to the initiative of Kathy Duran and the generosity of Mark and Ginger Iwaoka, Decorated Dals II will be the DCAF fundraiser for DCA 2020! We are limiting the figurines to 40 and are now accepting artist applications!  Email me if you are interested.  If we receive more than 40 artist applicants, we will appoint a team of DCA artists to select the finalists.  Please let us know by June 1 if you want to do one!

All figurines must be completed with photo submitted by April 1, 2020 so that we have an opportunity to post photos for remote bids one month before the start of DCA 2020.

The blank figurines will be provided by DCAF through the generosity of Mark and Ginger.  Safe delivery of the completed figurines to DCA 2020 in Asheville, NC is the responsibility of the artist.

Photo of the blank figurine. Use your imagination and surprise us!