President’s Report – Winter 2018

Dalmatian Club of America Foundation
Advancing the health and quality of life for Dalmatians and all
dogs through supported research and education.

A new year is a great time to reflect on the past year and set goals for
going forward!

What happened with DCAF in 2018?

Through October, 82 new CHIC numbers were issued to Dalmatians
bringing our total to 1,266. There are 10,795 Dalmatians in the CHIC
database with some health test recorded.

Through October, 145 new Dalmatians were added to the OFA DNA database bringing the total number of unique DNA Dalmatian samples
housed there and available to researchers world wide to 1,425.
All of our current research studies saw some degree of increased
participation. This continues to be a critical need – particularly for the
Renal Failure study.

The Dalmatian Club of America Foundation Endowment Fund was officially established. Principal funds in the Endowment are preserved ofr financial investment growth with the goal of earnings to substantially contribute to the funding of future research and projects central to our mission.

There are now 10 members of the Heritage Society, a key component
to the long-term ability of the Foundation to continue our mission. We
thank those individuals who have made the decision and completed
the associated estate planning to make this happen.

James W. Smith (deceased)
Peggy Rudder (deceased)
The Dalmatian Club of Greater Indianapolis in honor
of Helen Siegel (deceased)
Carol L. O’Brien
Linda Stafford
Samantha Stafford
Meg Hennessey
Rosie Branaman
Julia Soukup
Edith Nadine (Benji) Brackmann
Karen Hatfield

Linda Davis and her committed team raised more than $5,400 for
DCAF through DCA FAST CAT tests!

Donations to DCAF from Amazon Smiles exceeded more than $1,700
through October. Thank you to everyone who remembers to go to and support DCAF when you do your online

Many of you have established Fundraisers on Facebook to support
DCAF. We have record of more than $7,000 in donations to DCAF
through these 2018 efforts! Thank you very much!

If you have donated through one or more of these, please be aware
that FaceBook does not provide us with the names of individual
donors. Should you want to receive credit toward your lifetime
giving levels for these FaceBook Fundraiser donations, please make
copies of the email receipts from FaceBook and provide them to our
Treasurer, Meg Hennessey.

The online aspect of our auction via FaceBook last May secured winning
bids from at least 13 non-DCA members totaling nearly $3,000.
Fundraising for the year exceeded our goal and all of our current research
projects are now paid in full. We are in a position to rebuild our assets to fund future projects, some of which may be necessary follow-up studies
to those currently in process.

We thank our many donors and supporters who helped make 2018 such a successful year for the Foundation. I thank the DCAF Board Members
and Committee Members who worked hard to make it a successful year.

What’s in store for 2019?
During the National Specialty at Sawmill Creek:

    • James W. Smith Memorial Health Clinics. Be sure to take advantage of economical health tests and DCAF funded OFA submission fees.
    • Chairs for Charity. They’re Back! Five lucky donors will receive two DCAF Logo Picnic Time Chairs they may place ringside wherever they like throughout the National Specialty!
    • Dog-Pacer Treadmill raffle!
    • DCAF Thrift store! Bring your unwanted tchotchkes!

We will step up our efforts to encourage:

    • Full litter BAER test results recorded with OFA. Remember that DCAF pays the OFA fees for full litters.
    • Full litter DNA sample submissions to the OFA databank. Most veterinarians will do the draw at no charge when you have the puppies in for shots and vet checks and DCAF pays the OFA fees for full litter submissions.
    • Updating health histories for dogs already in the DNA databank.
    • More breeders to secure CHIC numbers.
    • Breeder distribution of the DCAF brochure in new puppy packets provided to owners. These brochures are free to breeders. Simply place your order at
    • The broader pet population to become knowledgeable about Dalmatian health issues and to support DCAF through social media outreach.
    • More DCA members to consider DCAF in their estate planning via Heritage Society membership.

As always we want to hear about your Dalmatian health related
concerns so that we can stay ahead of any emerging issues.

Thank you to all of you who help us make a difference!
Toni L.Linstedt
Toni Linstedt, DCAF President