President’s Report – Fall 2018

Our annual fundraising events during DCA 2018 brought in more than $14,000! This money will be used to help us make our payments on the renal disease and copper storage studies, and cover the cost of the DCA 2018 health clinics. Thank
you to everyone who participated by storing, photographing and transporting items, setting up and/or working the auction and thrift store, packaging items for shipping, donating items, selling raffle tickets, purchasing raffle tickets and/or purchasing silent auction and “thrift store” treasures! A good time was
had; DCAF made some new friends on Facebook, and the money will be put to very good use for our Dalmatians!

The only thing missing was our good friend, Jim Smith. DCAF lost a dear friend and our largest lifetime contributor when Jim left this earth too soon on April 4. He cared deeply about the health of our breed and supported DCAF’s efforts generously with his time and his money. The board discussed a variety of
ways to memorialize and preserve Jim’s legacy. I am pleased to announce that we unanimously agreed to name all future DCAF sponsored clinics, The James W Smith Memorial Health Clinics. We know Jim would be pleased to be remembered through something he cared so much about. Rest in peace, Jim, and thank you for all you contributed to our beloved Dalmatians.

The renal study was the last health issue that Jim took a personal interest in. He joined the study group and urged swift approval of research to eradicate this disorder from our breed. We NEED your participation to realize a successful outcome for this research. An update from the researchers is included in
this issue, but here is a key excerpt:

“We would like to emphasize that we are actively trying to recruit cases and samples into the study but owners are reluctant to submit biopsy tissues for evaluation.”

Dogs are dead and dogs are dying from this tragic disease. Participating is a heroic thing to do for our breed. There is no shame in innocently producing a dog with a health problem. There is only shame in not doing something about it to limit the spread of the problem to others. We need people associated with these dogs to come forward to the researchers. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

At The Ohio State University
Dr. Rachel Cianciolo

At Texas A & M
Dr. Mary Nabity

There are so many other topics I’d love to talk about: Thanks to all of you who have held FaceBook Birthday Fundraisers naming DCAF as the beneficiary; More people are contacting Carol O’Brien about joining the Heritage Society to ensure
the long term financial solvency of DCAF and our ability to conduct research into emerging health issues for the breed; keep shopping at Amazon Smiles; thanks to those who have named DCAF in Employer Matching Gift and Volunteer Reward programs; participate in one of the planned DNA blood draws for the OFA databank; update your health histories for the 1300 Dalmatians already in the databank; DCAF will pay for full litter submissions to the DNA databank; watch your mailbox this fall for the DCAF Annual Drive mailing; introduce your puppy buyers to DCAF by giving them one of our brochures in their puppy packs. I could go on and on with notes of appreciation and calls to action, but I’m out of room!

Working together, we can and do make a difference!

Warm Regards,
Toni L. Linsted
DCAF President