Make your tax-deductible contribution today to the Dalmatian Club of America Foundation, Inc. Any amount is needed and appreciated. 

You may make your contribution in the form of a memorial or to honor a special person, organization, or dog. You may also contribute by supporting one of our fundraisers with a donation to the cause.

Contributors will receive recognition in the Spotter, on this Web Page and in the DCAF records for their annual contributions.

Click on Contribution Form and then click on the PRINTER icon to print out and mail in a hard copy with your donation. Or you can make a donation online using the PayPal button below.

When making your donation please include:

Amount: $_________________
Name of Person(s) making contribution: ________________________
Address: ________________________________________________
Email Address: ___________________________________________
Phone: _________________________________________________
In honor of: _____________________________________________
In memory of: ___________________________________________
Name and address of person to whom acknowledgement of honor or memorial is to be sent: _______________________________________________________

You can also Mail your donation to:

    Sheila Wymore
    PO Box 268
    Cornville AZ   86325
    Email Sheila


$50 Supporter
$100 Donor
$250 Grand Donor
$600 Patron
$1000 Grand Patron
$5000 Benefactor
$10,000 Grand Benefactor


Show Your Support!

Reach the Donor level of giving and you'll receive a DCAF pin as thanks for your generosity. Wear your pin with pride to show other dog fanciers your dedication and support for the health and well-being of the Dalmatian breed.

Pins are sent out quarterly to new level recipients. If you have any questions or if you have reached the Grand Donor level and have not yet received your pin, please feel free to contact Sheila Wymore, Email

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